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  • JESS (to the electrician whilst nailed to the floor beside Rudy and Abby):I know it's a big ask, but is there any chance at all that you could pull these nails out for us?
  • ELECTRICIAN:I'm on my way to a job, so...
  • RUDY:'I'm on my way to a job.' That's what the good Samaritan said to Jesus when he found him nailed to the cross, but you know what? He friggin' un-nailed him. And then he said, 'Do you want a kip in me stable with that donkey from... Bethlehem?' And Jesus said, you know what he said? He went, 'Aww, cheers, mate. See that water over there? I'm gonna turn that into wine. And fish.'
  • JESS:You really know your Bible, don't you?
  • RUDY:Me faith's very important to me.
— Misfits (as seen on tumblr)
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